Customer Information

TACIII is a local owned company offering a Louisiana State Police approved explosives license training and renewal course.

Our course is structured around the State Police’s requirements for training in order to obtain an Explosives License in Louisiana. It deals with explosive safety, plus state and federal regulations regarding the purchasing, storing and handling of explosives in the state. We include discussions on explosives history, basic explosive terminology and functioning, the different industrial applications of explosives, and explosives use in terrorism and other criminal applications. Finally, we explain the application process in order to obtain an explosive license.

The course is divided into the following modules:

  • Module 1.  Administration and Introduction
  • Module 2.  Introduction to Explosives
  • Module 3.  Explosive Safety
  • Module 4.  Explosive Planning and Operations
  • Module 5.  Explosive Firing Systems
  • Module 6.  Industry Applications
  • Module 7.  Regulations
  • Module 8.  Testing and Evaluation